Sunday, 16 March 2014

JEWELRY: Ikki rosegold watch

I had been looking for a rosegold watch for years now, but just didn't find one that met my expectations, being:
- a watch that is not a threat to walk around in due to the unbelievably high pricepoint
- a watch with a rosegold dial
- a watch with roman numbers
- a watch which had an 'oversized' look to it
- a watch that wasn't bejewelled like a unicorn
- a watch with some smaller dials on the main dial

I looked around for this Perfect Watch, but never found the one true watch to rule them all. I looked into Michael Kors watches for some time, but decided I just couldn't deal with the idea of having that kind of pricetag around my wrist. 

The watch I ended up finding, was one by IKKI. The only expectation it didn't meet, was the one concerning multiple small dials on the main dial. This IKKI watch probably came closest to what I wanted. Pricepoint? Around the 80 euro mark. I find it totally worth it.

Have you found that perfect watch already? Which brands do you recommend? 

xx Anine


  1. Super horloge! Ik ben echt een groot fan van Rose kleurige horloges! XX

    p.s. Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. oh wauw! ik wil ook graag nog een gouden horloge, ik vind die van michael kors erg mooi maar daar loopt iedereen al mee rond :D deze is echt prachtig en wel nog uniek