Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MASCARA REVIEW: Maybelline Smokey eyes

So here's another mascara review! I tried out another one from Maybelline, this time the Colossal Volume Express Smoky eyes. 

Let's take a look at the wand first. It looks quite normal, and as if it would be perfect to build up lots of volume with. This could be ideal to finish up a smoky eye look.

Use: This mascara certainly gives volume and holds a curl, but it clumps together like nobodies business. I wouldn't recommend using more than two layers of this mascara because it just ends up being one big clumped together mess. It doesn't separate or lengthen at all. This also means it does pretty much nothing for my lashes. 

As for the smokey eye effect, it does create thick lashes, but if it just clumps it won't really compliment your look. I recommend using an other product if you'd like a mascara to compliment your smoky eye look.

Price: Around €15.

Conclusion: I'm not repurchasing. Let me know if this mascara does work for you?

What's your favorite mascara of the moment?

Xx Anine 

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